Sunday, November 29, 2009

sushil ku t

what does this column try to say,only the columnist knows the he trying to suggest that a poet can never be a part of a criminal conspiracy.who is this guy that he is able to dispute with the findings of a justice of a court of law.what is this newspaper trying to do,give a counter to the establishment and establish some kind of refuge for those among the public who are removed from democracy and would feel like ranting against the establishment.those feelings are used by these kinds of columns in giving the appearance that there is some reality to such feelings.these feelings are raked up and nourished by such columns which grasp some points which are neither here nor there and can be safely used to suggest something.the people who have some imagined grievances are prodded forward by such writings which also help in finding some buyers for the newspaper.
what is the service that such columns provide,giving an outlet to some disillusioned lot.
can a rational person sincerely believe that atal behari vajpayee is the great statesman that he is made out to be.he had a decent veneer which if it was also the reality would have found ways to develop a honest politics which would provide honest opposition.
this article itself is an argument for whatever the justice had written with regard to the media.
does atal behari vajpayee have some side of the story and does it really need some defender?if atal behari vajpayee was in a party which systematically roused lakhs of people into believing that they had to rectify some shame which was blighting them,confusing and confounding their thoughts and realities,reducing them to go against the due process of law and create incidents that blemish the established constitution,then,it is vajpayee who has to explain his presence in such a party.why does some newspaper columnist try to give it a spin in one direction,making it out as if it is just not on,just does not have a hint of a necessity and absolutely imputing that this is all something which has damaged a simple,honest struggling poet.
that is what i thought the column was suggesting.
the cool rubbishing of the suave urbanite which brings some smiles and hope to some hard core vajpayee supporter.
is this the work of the media,to mollify some rabid supporter of some party and try to get him to get over the hurt and the damage of his leader being found accused in a conspiracy to break the law.
the f word that he mentions is what is coming to mind when one thinks about what the that this guy is doing.
i have to try to read his earlier columns now.
the justice was asked by the hindu for his reasons which the justice has spelt out.

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