Friday, November 27, 2009

advani and hafiz saeed

lk advani,every indian knows is behind the babri masjid demolition.yet,he roams free;even,the leader of the opposition in the indian parliament.
murli manohar joshi;same case.
ashok singhal;similar.
65 others,free.

hafiz saeed,every pakistani might know,im not sure,is behind 26/11.yet,he roams free.

what is the difference between these two.
while advani did things that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people,hafiz saeed did something which directly resulted in 180 people getting killed.

if advani shields behind the legal technicalities which require evidence which is not available,why cannot hafiz saeed do the same.

advani committed his diabolical acts in his own country whereas hafiz saeed committed acts in another country.
it is obvious that there is a linkage between the two acts.
so,what is all the fuss about arresting hafiz saeed when we cannot act against advani,who uses religious sentiments and creates bloodshed.
if advani can do it and walk free,why is the same not possible for hafiz saeed.
what is all the hectoring about?
if advani,whom we all know,incited hatred and still continues to occupy the prime posts of parliament,why cannot the objects of his hatred also reciprocate.
are we all stupid fools that this advani and his supporters can expect us to believe that they will rouse passions in mobs and then expect the mobs to walk back home,like going back from a movie.
why are all of us getting fooled by such people?
are we imbeciles who have no idea about how humans behave?
why then do we expect different standards for hafiz saeed.

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