Saturday, November 14, 2009

state terrorism

this just cannot be allowed to go on.
the state declares victory and then gets paranoid about losing it.
there is no confidence about being morally right.
if the ltte was a terrorist organisation and its leadership has been eliminated,why would the state be focussing on getting at the remaining cadres.
it would instead be totally and freely looking at redressing the grievances,free from the terrorist menace.
the remnants of the terrorists would have no case for re igniting their war,they would not be allowed the free run of their territory,and they would be hopelessly aiming for a regrouping.
the momentum will be with the state and the breeze will be blowing for a restart.
time will be known to extinguish the embers.
the president would stand down,not getting into simple political contests,having done his best to save the country from the scourge of terrorism.
instead,what we have is these types of incidents.
there is just no way that there can be any other behaviour when the freedom fighters were demonised as people who had no grounds for their fight.
the fight was initiated by the eelam army as it had the rights to the east.the srilankan state did not accept the proposition and began a war where it over ran the entire territory of eelam.
the similarity with 1967 is total.
now,after 50 years,the israelis continue to subjugate.

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