Saturday, November 14, 2009

prisoners of war

the sri lankan state is obligated to inform the outside world about the number of prisoners of war it holds and the number of civilians that lost their lives during the first half of this year.
they have come out with the numbers of the people who have been rehabilitated.140 000 people more are in confinement according to reports.
the indian government has to get the information about the prisoners of war and the civilian deaths.
pranab mukherjee who is now in sri lanka must come back with the facts.
during an earlier interaction with the media while on the way to colombo,he was irritated when asked about the civilians suffering and seemed to suggest that the questioners were holding a brief for the media.
hopefully,his frame of mind has changed.
who are the sinhalese to reject the demand for the time of the war,the only statements that came out from our side were that there was no military solution to this is the time to act on that understanding.
we can go and stifle the aspirations of the eelam tamils and they have to sit and wait for the indian ministers to judge over their destiny.
a backlash was only predictable in the circumstances.the tragedy of the past has to be put behind us.we have to move on.ho chi minh city is named after the revolutionary who ensured that the americans were defeated.times and situations change but the facts remain the same.
prisoners of war need to be treated transparently.

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