Friday, November 20, 2009

the bad losers

the losers are out with vengeance.they are not able to think of a response which gives them a validity for being active.they have not found it possible to give an explanation which gives them a honourable position,which they have anyhow.the honourable position of being flagbearers of democracy and contributors and contenders who articulate views and positions is not giving them satisfaction.they are finding it to be hopeless to convince their cadres that they have a honourable role in the democracy of india.
the aiadmk is a disreputed opposition,which cannot think of any other way other than pretending to be the divine force which has been laid low by a quirk of fate.
the shiv sena thinks that it will act and write without any standards,no larger attempts to live and lead,to provide leadership to society.the defeat has forced them to turn desperate.if they had played honest roles,they would nt be following such methods.the communist parties,though they lose mostly,are honest and do not allow themselves to lose control.if bal thackeray wants to behave in a certain way and then expects everyone else to watch with benefaction,what it means is that he has lost vision of a calibre that is needed for public life.
if he acts honourably and has the intellectual firepower,how and why will any media drag him into slander campaigns.he is setting himself right in the centre of public opinion and allowing himself to be dragged into media publicity.
the mulayams and the advanis continue to rush to the well of parliament as they might be knowing that that is all that they are capable.
they do not know how to rise to challenges.
the common man watching will understand and learn that this is how one should behave when one loses in any activity,flout the rules and make a mockery of them and create a commotion.

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