Wednesday, November 11, 2009

universal truth

all religions are said to possess universal truths.
the problem is that people cannot consider the basic point that if god has given them a message,he has also given messages to other peoples living in other areas of the world.
these humans then keep trying to take the message that they have received to other peoples whom god has spoken to through other prophets or happenings.
if the jews were told by god that they were a chosen people,it was done to lift their flagging spirits as they were surrounded by great empires.
if christ came and tried to reform the jewish religion,it was done because it had become to get corrupted.
if islam was conveyed to the people of the middle east through the prophet mohammed,it was because the people there needed guidance,when others in the neighbourhood had already received some communication from god.
now,there are some groups who want to believe that the message they have received has actually been one intended for the whole of humanity and these have set out to spread this message with a conviction that would have left god frustrated.
he will be thinking,what i gave to you,keep it and live a simple life,why are you idiots behaving like this and extrapolating it to everyone else,with whom i have maintained communication.
the jews want to believe that they are special,the christian missionaries want to think that the history of israel is the history of the world and the jihadi muslims want to believe that everyone else is not lucky enough to have received what they have.
the most uncivilised person is one who actually inflicts violence on another people in the name of god.
if islam is having descriptions of how to regulate minorities living in islamic regions,why cannot the jihadi muslims begin to understand that the reverse also can be true,areas where muslims are in the the absence of institutionalised discrimination,what made idiots out of the headleys of the world.
these guys have set out to kill people,and there is no one to counsel them out of their idiocy.
and then,there are those in our country who have scorn for all other religions and try to use their religion to get political power.

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