Friday, November 13, 2009

mns for marathi

they obviously do not have the calibre to take their cause forward by convincing,they have decided that they will beat people into submission.marathi seems to be a lost cause if it has such defenders.threatening someone who is known to be belligerent and then using his predictable reaction to go in and act sanctimoniously is such a defense of the cause of marathi that makes everyone wonder about intelligence and confidence.if a threat is issued by a known troublemaker that some one should not act within the law just because the issuer of the threat has some issues with it,the targeted person is well within his rights to enforce his rights under the law.
the marathi people should understand that their image is getting damaged people are remembered for rowdy behaviour.people are remembered for their high values and morals.anybody in the world can get worked up over a supposed slight and act out a supposedly justified is not the high of civilisation but the bare average.the bar has been lowered for the marathi people by the illustrious thackeray.

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