Friday, November 13, 2009


why cannot the UN send a fact finding mission to israel to state exactly how many palestinians are living as refugees because the state of israel was formed.
i think that it is a million people.
these are the facts about the people who are living within the present state of israel and the west bank and the gaza strip.the palestinian refugees are mostly in jordan.
why does the world body allow more settlements to come up.
there has to be sanctions on israel if it continues to expand settlements.
obama is now thought to have failed.
the palestinian people have made the sacrifice and given up their lands so that the people whom god had to encourage by telling that they were special,could continue to live holding on to that there a sense of everlasting gratitude from the people of israel to the palestinian people for having moved out so that the wounded and world weary israelis could come back to a place and call it home.
slowly but steadily,they came back and soon started inching out the original inhabitants.
at some point,there has to be the feeling of enough is enough.
if it was their bad luck to have gone out into the world,do they have to bestow it to the end of a long time away from home and having suffered tremendously,what are the lessons or the character that have been developed.if they talk about their vicissitudes and at the same time ensure that another people are punished,then it only means that no character has been built over the long years of suffering,except that might is right.
they moved out and made it big,generally,reaping the benefits of urban civilisation.when the good times ran out and very bad times were upon them,they hatched a plan to reclaim the shores which had once been their place of origin.
what is the law that allows this to take cannot have the best of both worlds.
their homeland has taken shape now and yet they seem to think that they are privileged to act arrogantly.even considering that it is common human behaviour to be selfish and arrogant when one is in control,there cannot be a total erasure in their minds of the tragedies that befell them.
there are moderates who tread the path of peace but the reality of governments and democracy allows nothing to change.but,the palestinians are not allowed their democracy and when they elect,their elections are systematically negated.if we can allow the behaviour of the israelis as being only human,why cannot we allow the palestinians to elect can we expect non violent tendencies from the palestinian people.
the israelis are those of gods creations that became spoilt due to his indulgence.they have now come to believe that they really have a mandate to deprive others of their reactions.
the world meanders around talking of middle east peace.the nations of the world have a fit case for sanctions in israel and get them to freeze settlements.
the israeli people should apologise to the palestinians and thank them once a year.
gods spoilt kid must be given a rap on the knuckles and asked to behave normally atleast now.

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