Sunday, November 8, 2009

vande mataram

however it may appear to be insensitive and unwarranted,all that the fatwa actually reveals is that islam is having organisation as does christianity.both of these religions have totally enforceable tenets and are having a structure.
some sections of the so called hinduism have been attempting to pass off their religion and methods and practices as being common and belonging to the vast majority which does not have the slightest idea or understanding of these practices.there is a respect or a tendency to view with respect all practices that are spiritual.the same has been misunderstood and misrepresented as an adherence to these practices.over the centuries,some of these practices have become entrenched and deep rooted among the people and along with it the evils of the caste system and its myths have also made inroads into the people.while these practices and methods might have truth or deep meaning within them,they have been used to divide the people fundamentally.
buddhism and sikhism were formed to lead the people out of the thrall of such myths and religions.
the vedic religion might have been good for its core practitioners but it has been of no use for the vast population.
the ancient and continuous civilisation necessitated the evolution of laws which governed the people and resolved their problems.the people were simple enough to have used these laws to go about their lives and did not need any special divine sanctions or commandments to give weightage to them.the entire world was drawn to this ancient land and its uncomplicated ways.
everyone needed to come here.
the vedic culture happened to come here quite early and was the first entrant from outside.over three millennia,it has acquired a hold over the people that is not healthy.the people did not need any systematic religion,they just needed to go about their life and whatever was interesting was accepted.the people have never needed to acquire any religion and pontiff whose say was absolute and also who was indispensably linked to and controlling the rulers.
right from the vedic religions to the later entrants,there have been attempts to change the simple ways of the people into all of these systematic religions.
in north india,where the hold and effect of the vedic religion was severe,buddhism and sikhism attempted to break such shackles.
in south india,rationalism was attempted to be taken to the people as athe fastest and most effective way to break the vedic religion and its destruction of the culture.
the vedic religion is at odds with islam and christianity as it views these organised religions as a threat to its entrenchment.
the people have their own ways which is separate from any of these religions.
the people are organised in different regions in different ways.
saivism can be said to be the mainstay and the basis and the core of the thinking of the people.
vaishnavism is more urban and is deriving from the vedic religion.rama and krishna have become the tools to appeal to the common man to enroll into the vedic religion.
the vedic religion has become synonymous with the caste system and other ills in the so called hinduism.
without removing these basic flaws,indirect shortcuts have been used,rama hanuman etc,to get to gloss over the fundamental discrepancies in this religion.
getting agitated over the islamic clerics is should be used as a challenge to remove the failings and flaws and broadbase the vedic religion.pretending to be the majority and trying to make an entry into politics on the basis of hate propaganda will be the best ways to fool themselves.
the people will continue to be themselves,a millennia of islamic and christian control made no dent on their ways except those who might have been genuinely needing to escape the frustration of being locked by the vedic religion and its hold over the ruling class.when the rulers were from outside,it might have also been a revenge against the ruler who was too much under the thrall of the vedic religion.
the regular arguments that islamic countries do not give space to minorities has no meaning for us and our culture.the islamic countries needed their religion and are only acting according to it.
we did not need organised we were not buffetted between other peoples and other religions.we lived our way in harmony.
it can surely be envisioned that islam and christianity will always find ways to weed out minorities and their ways.
we have no such compunctions.
since the muslims and christians are viewed to be minorities in our land,we have to ensure that there is no discrimination or shortage of opportunities.

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