Sunday, November 22, 2009


as the recollections continue on tv,the real reasons and justifications for the attack need to be discussed.
the targetting of the synagogue and the hotels frequented by the western travellers and the indian elites must have been a strategic one.
the al qaeda has targets all over the world from which to choose to attack the west.having perpetrated attacks in indonesia and now in india,they might be planning the next major surprise and shock attack.the media seems to feed their appetite and stoke it too.
the l-e-t in this case might have allied with the al qaeda,two birds with one stone,both the purposes,of the l-e-t and the aq are served.
the aq has to be confronted by someone as the islamic clergy has not been able to do is great that ram jethmalani has set the ball rolling.
the aq has turned into a business enterprise which it was anyway the natural offshoot of the business of the mujahideen conducted for the usa.
the communist government was headed by afghans,muslims also,hence,there was no total justification for a mujahideen.if it were the russians who were heading the afghan government,there would have been reasonable justification.
similarly,it is pakistanis themselves as well as the afghanis who are running governments in pakistan and afghanistan now.
in such a scenario,the aq seems to be an ego trip of some fundamentally confused people.
they must be asked whether their aims can only be achieved by attacking defenseless that the way the great creator has to instruct his army to enforce his will,place bombs and run away,use guns to shoot down people who do not have weapons.if that is the way that the great creator works according to the aq,it is totally at odds with every thing that man has stood for,courage,honour and sacrifice.does this great creator of the aq want man to lose his honour and place bombs in public places and run away cowardly.
if it was only a fight against overwhelming odds,with israel,and the might of the established order,then,there might be a different interpretation of their acts.
there has to be a clear de linking between the fight against israel and the fight for islam.these two fights cannot be mixed up.if it is the might of the west that is being fought,that is what is being done and not a fight to enforce the wishes of allah.allah has given them a bad situation and they have to fight honourably to win the fight.this bad situation cannot be used to pretend that allah wants to enforce the religion that he has given these people,the people who have also been given the bad situation.all they have to do is fight out of the bad situation and fight for a honourable justice.why want to mix up that with trying to spread what allah has given them to help them,he has given other ways and means and other challenges to others around the world.why want to use a bad situation to wreck the whole,then there can never be a resolution of the bad situation.
the comedians of the west,the european union and the united states of america,who are now reeling from the doubts created by the financial meltdown,cannot ask the israelis to just stop new settlements.these jokers do not know the basics of can one group of people behave as if they are fundamentally different,with arrogance.they are not special in any way,if they are special,they must be the special curse that has come into the world by the wrath of god.these arrogant fools will have been sent by god to wreck the peace of the world.
the israelis and the al qaeda are both similar,in that they have used tough challenges given by god to assume that they have the right to ride roughshod over others.the special messages were given to overcome the special challenges,not for turning into arrogant idiots.
fight for your justice,but with at least the least sense of reason and humility.
have the israelis ever learnt to commiserate with the palestinians,the people who had to move out to accomodate the israelis who had been chased out from europe.
1967 was natural and so was the fight to defend its territiories,but there is nothing natural about using that to expand beyond pre 1967.
what stares the west in the face has been put down as the middle east conflict.a simple resolution to ask israel to stop the settlements seems like it is impossible for the great civilisers of the world.
the aq,meanwhile,uses this to implement the most simple and foolish reaction that a human could have done.the easiest response is the one with the least application of mind.
what ram jethmalani has told must be the only reason that the fight of the aq goes on.

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