Sunday, November 22, 2009


i initially thought that it was some thing to do with the raj thackeray tragedy.there were reports of firing and gang wars.
it also was the martyrs day of tamil eelam and also just before elections in madhya pradesh,rajasthan and delhi.
if the people behind the l-e-t had taken inspiration from the eelam armed forces,they should also have attempted to study the history and the tragedy of tamil eelam.
no one is trying to change the islamic character of pakistan and neither was any one else in control of their territory.
what and where is any state that the l-e-t wants,it has all the freedom to engage in politics in pakistan.the al qaeda is playing out its civil war with the saudi establishment all over the world,just because the saudi regime is backed by the west.
whatever might be needing reformation in saudi arabia,if the al qaeda were to take over the country,it might not be too good for islam.
the al qaeda must have the strength of mind to argue its interpretation of islam.
our elites who just started screaming are still at it,not knowing how to act and behave like citizens,thinking that they do not have a possibility of behaving differently and addressing their problems.they think that only by screaming can one contribute to changes in the state.they fundamentally do not want to appear to be sustained by the state.the overriding need and ego trip is to want to show themselves as separate from this state,that they can only abuse and view with derision and condescension.they can never just be honestly expressing themselves and taking us all forward,as that would equate themselves with us all.

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