Tuesday, October 27, 2009


this group has no idea how life in india is dynamic and decent,for the minorities and everyone else.
how there is always chance for betterment,if one works hard.
how there is a quest to know others and find out their cultures, respect for every other person from every other community ie those that are not seen as rivals.
those who are rivals will still not be encumbered in any way other than the occasional skirmish.
if the establishment sides with one of the participants in the skirmish,there is enough organisation among any community to counter it in ways that are the best.
there is always compromise at the end,even after an inglorious incident.where the actions which begot the incident are analysed and dissected before pronouncing justice and reconciliation.
that is how the people live,always working and relaxing,in harmony and comradeship.
there is always the chance available to engage in politics,to badmouth some leader and to enforce one s will.
there is no need for the indian people to lose their senses,like the taliban,and waste their lives in always fighting,without purpose and without any sense of any goal.if a particular community feels that its way of life is more suited for the entire population,that community has the chance to spread the word or even float a political party.
that will not allow that community,any indian community,to lose its bearings,its dignity and go into free fall,to forget the joy of work and achievement,to forget the simple pleasures of life.
all under the forgetful impression of waging a war on behalf of god.
in the old days,the ultimate test for a king would have been to ensure justice for the minorities.
in these times,there are people who,though being in a majority,do not feel empowered enough,and want to ensure a totality.
the bjp fooled and cheated sections of the youth into thinking that there was a need to fear the minorities.
the taliban fools and cheats sections of its youth to forget enterprise and adopt war as its religion,for its religion.
the bjp will atleast now realise,that such fears are not shared by the majority,but are only shared by a minority itself which though pretends to be at the vanguard of the majority.
praveen togadia is in belgaum today,talking about going to colleges and talking to hindu girls to guard themselves against some love jehad.if indeed there is some kind of threat,proven to be true,it would not envision such a loose talk and behaviour,all it would envision is a need to provide some organisation and coherence,where there is a need.the behaviour of the togadias and the advanis is the bane of India.using some mistrust here and some incident there to twist and shout.
the taliban,unluckily for pakistan,has generated enough traction,in the journey to nowhere.
the journey into uniformity and boredom and frustration.
the bjp/rss,luckily for india, has derailed.

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