Tuesday, October 27, 2009


how long are we supposed to suppress the raw emotions that surface everytime we see and hear about the happenings in sri lanka.
do we necessarily need to give the sri lankan state enough rope,at the cost of the mental trauma of millions of people.
there was no one who could articulate the simple case for tamil eelam,even if they might have been confronted by the terror of the ltte.
the sri lankan state has been allowed to go on for too long.there is no chance for even imagining a scenario where people are housed in camps and denied access.
why have we allowed it to happen is the question that confronts us.
part of the answer is because we are a multi party democracy,where the opposition was not prepared to give up its ambitions for a life saving cause,where the ruling party could not give up its long fought struggle,for the tamil society here,and allow itself to be replaced by a motley bunch of political parties,headed by one party,the aiadmk which consistently acts and seeks to destroy the hard fought stability and progress.
it is good that all those who accompanied jayalalithaa have quit.
all of them have their intact constituencies which will atleast now allow them to seek the company and leadership of kalaignar,atleast for this case.
each cannot be justified in mobilising and consolidating their constituency using the sufferings of the tamils in sri lanka.
those who soldier on must remove any extremist opinions that might have been uttered,against the congress and its leaders.
the historical scenario was such that the sri lankan state received a chance to gain the upper hand.the historical need was to possess the healing touch.
thirumavalavan needs to know that he is mainstream in this fight,maybe not right now.
there is a simple need for all the parties to unite and present the case for tamil eelam.
there has been enough of the build up,in the presentation of the history to the people.
if the war had been won,there was no need to deny access to the people.
that is the last straw.
it is unacceptable and unimaginable,even and though it was needed,the chance to view their response.
the war on terror gave the sri lankans enough room,and it turns out now,enough rope also.
a chance for reconciliation and a genuine reformation,politically and physically,was not grasped by the sri lankan state,as it was celebrating victory.

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