Tuesday, October 27, 2009

alyque padamsee and shobhaa de

i think alyque padamsee made a fool of himself and also the times now channel on which he was, on counting day.
how much longer are these people going to act and pretend that they are in a position to know the political process better than those who are in it.
these people are trend setters for the rest of the educated populace who think that the only way to know and follow politics is to express mockery,derision and ridicule at those who are running the country.
there is not the slightest respect for leaders who are participating in democracy.
everyone is shown as lacking the talents that these people possess and deliver,though in other areas,like helping to sell all kinds of products and services,and writing fiction.
these people have no membership of any political party as it might not be a great help in their respective careers.it also helps maintain the attitude that they present,of being better and cleverer than the simple people who just govern.
it is a total assault on our civilisation to have to witness these people behaving on television as if the politicians do not deserve any respect.
sections of the younger generations who who have grown up in the capitalistic world will think that this is the way to approach and view politics.
as an activity at which we should turn up our noses.
such activities and behaviours are what attract viewers and hence are those which will be presented,unaware that it is anti national behaviour,the enemy within,all under the lofty mistaken impression that this is how democracy should be expressed and practised.
p.sainath also did his reputation harm by being in the company of such rank morons,though he was possibly sitting in better company and a better channel.
the one question that he was repeatedly asking about what have you done was handled with discomfort by tom vadakkan,who would have replied that we provided governance had he not been too much under the influence of the electronic media.
p.sainath himself should write about why nothing was supposedly done,was it because the people in governance feared doing something,or were they not in touch with the people who voted them.
if they were such total wastrels,did the people not have any alternatives.were all the people who voted in favour of stability over everything else.for,they had a variety of alternatives including one front which had ruled earlier.
sainath,in the search for excellence,allowed himself to be seen as ridiculing the people who might not have been exemplars but were performing their duties in the course of which they had also been re elected.
some others,like rahul bajaj,were expressing the fear that without an opposition the ruling front would be non performing and even arrogant.that would be possible if it is a family owned enterprise run by spoilt brats,not where there is always the presence of competition which propels the best man forward.
the leadership has consistently proven that it is always worthy.
rahul bajaj will be cured of his misconception if he follows and watches the aiadmk and its leader and channel for a while.
the ruling party is evil,narakasura etc in the opinion of jayalalithaa.
in the face of consistent rejection of the people and flying in the face of decency and common sense ,jayalalithaa is performing her tirades,which can only be occasioned by the types of calculations that the channels are fond of discussing,the too cleverer by half variety,the we know it all variety,we know the caste calculations,community calculations etc.these awarenesses are what makes a clever tv host who will always be smiling wryly in the company of alyque padamsee and shobhaa de.

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