Wednesday, October 28, 2009


maoists would want to create what mao created in china,the china of today has moved quite a distance away from what mao might have intended.
the maoists could consider re christening themselves as kimjongists as that is what is more close to what the term maoists was intended to mean.
our maoists are revolutionaries,restless and impatient,clamouring for the embrace of an ideology and an organisation where they can rightfully and happily belong.that explains why there are representatives of the richer classes in the midst of the maoists.
there is a vacuum in our society,where people who have existential angst and doubt,fear and insecurity are not able to have a sense of comfortable and peaceful co habitation.
the so called hinduism has not been able to fill this void,as it is still under the shameful clutches of those who want to tweak it for their purposes.christianity is more corporate in nature and islam might be alien to those who feel the void acutely,there might even be some muslims among the maoists who have felt the frustration of being a minority in a vast land.
we are too big a country to have some kind of glue that nurtures as well as soothes the excitable person.
even in the dravidian land,where there are the best chances for a simple and content life,extremism has been detected.
the elites of our country have to stop behaving arrogantly,which they unfortunately continue to do.
the spiritual leaders have to attempt to break the mind crushing and stifling attachment to some sanskrit based religion.the attempts to portray an exalted perch can only repel a person in need of quiet.
christianity in india has been shown up to be a business where fantasies are woven and spread around.
islam has to come out of its militant and introverted mode through the work of the clergy,which has shown till now that it is nowhere up to the mark.
all groups and festivals in india are today ever willing to take up some enemy,that is at the core of their groupism.
liberalisation and globalisation has been the final blow where everything has been taken more higher,away from the reach of the common man.
a new supremacy,the capitalist superman has replaced the old manu superman,is now being thrown at the people.
entrepreneurship is always welcomed and supported by the workers,when there is a sense of decent work and decent wages.
when attitudes are put forth,there can only be friction.
if there are unnecessary and illegal demands,from both sides,the edifice will not survive.
the owner and the worker must have social equality,the owner must be transparent,he will receive the owners compensation,because he is the entrepreneur,who showed enterprise.
man management and managing relationships can only be developed by being close to the people,not by getting an mba from a fancy university.
the need for education and inputs from the best in the world should co exist with a closeness with the worker.
the media too must be responsible,not portraying a wrongdoer as if he is the villain,a wrongdoer is a human with problems.
committing mistakes is the most common human weakness,spending time in a correctional facility should be welcomed,not sought to be avoided.
the maoists have sprung up in a scenario of such vast contradicions,they should not try to pretend to occupy a moral high ground.
everyone has faults and we can rectify them and go forward with common sense and the constitution.
trying to paint themselves as holier than thou,as the activists are doing,is fundamentally wrong.
it is a road to nowhere.
a crime is a crime and punishment has to be accepted.
here,there is a chance to ponder the blood on the worlds hands.
because the ltte was fighting for its homeland does not mean that everyone can justify taking up the gun for some pet peeve and cause.
those who equated the ltte and the taliban have committed a blunder of historical and himalayan proportions.
the taliban has attacked the un today whereas the sri lankan state also attacked the un,in other ways.
here,the taliban is the terrorist,but there,the terrorist is the ltte.
eelam and nepal were different and have nothing to do with what the maoists are doing.
why the world did not designate the revolution in nepal as terrorism,while doing it in eelam,though,will never be answered easily.
the maoists might be feeling uncomfortable about shedding the gun as they might be too aware of the ability of political movements to lose focus and break up.
the way towards social stability and justice is long and slow.
the maoists need some guidance on how to stay focussed and remain steadfast in the wake of challenges and heartbreaks.
the dravidian movement and the achievements began in the twenties and is still continuing its onward march through the extra ordinary leadership of kalaignar karunanidhi.
such is the way for genuine and sincere achievement.

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