Friday, October 30, 2009

where do we put our carbon

so what did capitalism achieve?
the americans owe all of us.
the western world has grown rich and developed at the expense of the rest of us.
first,they colonised everyone,not satisfied with old fashioned trading.
then,they tried to put christianity into every place that they ruled.
next,they shattered ways of life and cultures everywhere.
now,they continue to live at our expense.
where is achievement here?
is it the wars that go on or the weapons that are sold along with the cultures.
this article is a knockout punch to capitalism.
if you can develop without stealing our carbon space,do it.
as you cant,stop the preaching.
would we have been a worse place without the europeans?
if there had not been a globalisation,would we have remained fossilised in our is hard to imagine movements like raja ram mohan roys and periyars without the presence of outside perspectives.
the 1000 years since the time of raja raja cholan has been celebrated yesterday.
during the last seven hundred of these,as the tamil dynasties waned,our own globalisation,indianisation,brought in people and cultures that corrupted and destroyed,brought in caste and hierarchy,to justify their presence and domination.
we were colonised now,the earlier aryan and sinhalese migrations were more innocent.
the recent history was what destroyed us,separated us from each other.
it required another foreign culture to negate the one already thriving.
these two cancelled each other out and the tamil/dravidian got a messiah in the form of periyar.
so,theres nothing to be derived from pretending that the westerners presence helped us in some way.
when people move in to newer areas,they can retain their culture,but to want to enforce it will not sustain in the long run,whatever argument is advanced that that culture is civilised and better.
what did capitalism do?it unfairly traded,where earlier fairness and common sense was commonplace.
if there is fairness,all will be well.
but,having been exposed to the capitalist wind,we have to be more aware of being in touch with our roots and our people.over and above doing that,we can aspire to the capitalist world.

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