Saturday, October 17, 2009

desperate lankan

thirumavalavan,in the interview with junior vikatan seems to be defensive,when asked about whether prabakaran was alive or not.
if prabakaran has died in the war,then it is the best death for a warrior,on the battlefield,while fighting for the people.
if he is alive,then it is equally better.he can continue to lead the fight,against the desperate lankan,who is committing grave distortions with truth and conscience.the dl is striving for a human sense of totality of victory,egged on by some suporters,who would like to think that they are doing some history.
truth cannot but will come out of the darkest depths where it has been put away.
if the north has mines,why cannot the tamil population be allowed to visit and stay with their relatives in the rest of the island.
the dl is continuously committing grave injustice in an attempt to quell the fear of losing out to the tamils.
at the end of it all,the tamil community is not responsible for this fear nor for its ramifications.
how long will the dl continue to hold out and keep on piling agony on fellow human beings.
the idiots of the world who clubbed the ltte with al qaeda,one fighting within its own country and the other committing acts of terror,all over the world have been led into their idiocy by imagining that one side is despicable.
if state terror exists,counter terror will also exist.
after stirring up the fight back,there is no switch which can immediately be turned off to change peoples aspirations.
the people who continue to back the rajapakse regime have approved of the state terror in its fight over the so called terrorists.
those who strive for stability in the global arena should realise that it cannot be achieved by suppressing genuine wars and their protagonists.
it can only be achieved by addressing the basic issue and using simple logic.
the photo reveals everything that is happening in the island of sri lanka.
the dl wants to think that it is a martial victor and feels good while playing the victor.

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