Wednesday, September 30, 2009

terror in sri lanka

if the mines in the north are what is preventing the buddhist terrorists from releasing 300,000 people,what is preventing free access to these 300,000 people.
a child has been paralysed in an incident yesterday.
the buddhist fundamentalists are digging their own graves and are irreparably damaging the name of their religion.
the war has been claimed to be over but the buddhist fundamentalist is paranoid that he will lose this new found upper hand.deep in his mind,he knows that he cannot fashion a buddhist country under normal circumstances.the overwhelming attachment to establishing his religion has blinded him and stopped the normal functioning of his faculties.
he has begun to believe that he is having a divine mandate to establish the supremacy of his religion.
how the most noble religion is being used as a tool for satisfying basic human desires of seeking and strengthening power is the end of the loftiness of buddhism.
300,000 people being denied access to the outside world and vice versa is the shame that all those reasonable people who were entirely convinced that the ltte needed to be vanquished,whatever the methods used,have no time or energy to address.
the times will change and the ltte chief will be appreciated for the fight against religious fundamentalism.
the ltte began the fight against terror,the war on terror began in the seventies in the island of sri lanka.

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