Saturday, October 17, 2009


the metro project in bangalore has sprung up on a number of narrow roads in all parts of the city.
the traffic problems have been tried to be resolved without a deep application of mind.
what the city needs immediately is some fast and big mode of transport.
the buses are always crowded with the number of people standing always outnumbering those sitting.
yet,there are always a few buses where the drivers are also the conductors.this is the height of administrative inefficiency.
what might do the trick for bangalore in the short run might be all standing and air conditioned buses which can be built fast by local companies.
these must be introduced in short distances where the rush is heavy.
a bus might be able to hold at least double the number of people it usually does.
the sides of the roads where the metro is being built need to be tarred on a regular basis to speed up the traffic.
there does not seem to be an effort to help the people and the traffic woes.


Shagufta said...

The problems you've listed here is nothing compared to the ones we face in Mumbai. Here infrastructure seems to be getting added - Flyovers, new train tracks, trains, bigger n better roads, skywalks, and the city bus service is the BEST in the country, but the people keep outnumbering the services. And the problem does not seem to end. The buses are crowded, so are the trains, people fall off!!! Metro project has begun here too amidst all such problems. But as of now it is restricted to some parts of Mumbai suburbs only.
So Bangaloreans, just chill ! At least you guys have a wonderful climate. :)

samurai said...

hi shagufta,
bangalore is basically a small town which has suddenly turned into a big city and real estate has shot up.the govt officials all seem to want a piece of the cake,primarily.