Monday, October 19, 2009


as men grow up,they witness some groups among them who wield and misuse power,who pretend to be a cut above the rest,who might act against anyone at any time.
there is a need to have a group for oneself where there is a safety and a security.
in islamic countries,islam provides the perfect brotherhood against the brash and haughty westerner,who always is involved in one or the other aggression and intrusion.
in the west,the church seems to have receded from fashion and islam might be the new in thing.
in india,there are various groups where one can seek membership,earlier,it was the communist unions and the socialist,it is the right wing religious organisations and the left wing extremist organisations.
the problem with the taliban is that they could have become an effective opposition party or even the ruling party in afghanistan if they had understood their original mission.they got mixed up with the al qaeda and having lost their country are now talking about pakistan and india next.
the naxalites originating point must have been the highhandedness of the landed classes or the corruption and inefficiency of the bureaucracy.having taken to arms,they might now be in a position to reconsider their situation and offer some form of a truce or a dialogue to the government.
the thing that allows a man to fight and die for a cause is the knowledge that his sacrifice would not be forgotten or would not become useless.
the taliban obviously can manage to bring up huge numbers as they have the glue of islam.
their recklessness is similar to the recklessness of the capitalists,who want to be on the move,always.newer markets,newer activities,ventures.for the taliban,it is newer enemies,newer causes and weapons.
the naxalites too have gained this expansionist mood and want to have more action and more publicity.
in such a situation,the first priority for government should be to instruct the armed forces to shed all types of highhandedness,to make them an exceptionally disciplined force,secure in the knowledge that their sacrifice will not go in vain.
we can witness various episodes in our lives,where some classes try to depict that they are superior, by the use of violence.they get together and deliver violence to unsuspecting or supposedly guilty others.
that is at the heart of all commotion in the world.
in india,and in the so called hinduism,there is no one person who can loudly announce to the rest of this group that all talk about superiority and inferiority is a joke.
yet,we have various personalities who talk in the name of hinduism.
the taliban are turning out to be stand out idiots,the lehmann brothers of 2009.
no moderation,no introspection,nothing.
just the need for action.
this group ends up giving a bad name to the genuine causes of hamas and hizbollah.
in the end,it is obvious that the accumulation of wealth makes it necessary to have discipline.
otherwise,the thinking that anything can be done triggers actions which result in various counter reactions.
if the west had had discipline,it would have initiated a dialogue with the soviets,instead of having a cold war.
if our richer classes had had discipline,there would not have been any class wars.
in all of this,where does one place the sections,who slowly introduced a thing called the caste system into the minds of the ruling and landed classes and sowed the seeds for a million mutinies.

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