Tuesday, September 29, 2009

methodical,was it predicted?


the confident and sure buddhist fundamentalist is systematically acting out the script that will achieve the natural formation of eelam,
humans start to believe too much in their abilities to cheat history,if china is doing a supportive service to the sri lankan state,it must be their worst strategic act.
or is there some deep strategic planning involved in fomenting anger in tamil nadu which cannot but explode in some form.
why did not the cheerleaders realise that there cannot be any other way that the sri lankan state could behave.
i cannot understand the foolishness of the actions and talk of the sri lankan state,could there not be a chance for these fundamentalists to understand that they are headed in the wrong direction.
it surely has to be a fatalist tendency as they realise that everything is stacked in favour of eelam.
if china has indeed calculated that arousing antagonism in the tamil land would tie down india and result in a multiplier effect,then equally,our bureaucrats,have to start getting their act together.
the moral justification of the killing of our leader rajiv gandhi has run its course.
the ltte chief knew his enemy better than anyone else,he was the ultimate observer and the protagonist right from the beginning.
if the buddhist fundamentalists are thinking that they can tarnish the history of the fight,then their religion has failed them abysmally.

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