Saturday, August 29, 2009


it is an injustice that access to the camps that are housing 300,000 people is denied to the outside world.
is it not a simple question that can be raised immediately?
have the politicians of tamil nadu given up or are they waiting for the lankans to do it as they want with the least interference,till when the cudgels can be picked up anew.
the project went well,for the indian government and the tigers were forced to rest their guns.
how many people lost their lives,in this project,and has the price have to be paid now by the civilians,after also paying the price in the last months of the war.
GO FOR THEM,AT ANY COST,WHATEVER was the method adopted by the lankans.
and the news that these lankans have offered expertise to others must be divine music for the backers of the lankan method.our project has gained momentum and has developed wings now!
who exactly are the propagandists?

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