Saturday, August 29, 2009

senator edward kennedy

watching the funeral service was a revelation about the person that ted kennedy was.he must have been the most exemplary person.his sons speeches brought tears to the eyes.obama gave a dignified eulogy.
the christian ceremonies brought the realisation that everyone everywhere craves for the same thing in life and has the same fears and doubts.the emphasis that the christians had faith that their lord jesus would destroy death was a simple expression of the real thoughts and feelings,instead of very complex philosophical thinking.
a working class mooring of the family inspite of the the millionaire background was probably gained from the catholic faith and the irish origin.
a great man,that i had never seen speak,though i was very interested in american politics.
it must have been the experience of a lifetime to have been moulded by such greatness.
the tragedies,ultimately,were for a cause.
the people,all over the world,in spite of being the same,in hopes and dreams,have always to grapple with the ease that allows acts that cause conflict.
president bush was having a sentimental expression,as the person who was at the moment when a war was initiated,he must have had powerful feelings,of what man has to go through.especially,those at the top,the politicians who are at the most important positions at the most important times.
a speaker on bbc said that politics is a noble endeavour.
watching the funeral of edward kennedy was a special experience.

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