Friday, August 28, 2009

japanese elections

a solid challenge has developed to a 50 year monopoly,the liberal democratic party, in japan.
the ldp is not like our INC,it looks more like a elite club of the richer classes.
these guys would have just kept on going,without any attempts at reinventing themselves.
when the going gets tough or when an interesting challenger manages to arrive on the scene,the people would naturally go for the new option.
in india,the bjp was the interesting challenger,which arrived on the scene in the mid nineties.
talking about different policies and coming to power on that basis was not the reason for the interest aroused in the people.
they were fed a fantasy and an altered history which somehow managed to convince the people into folly.
swapan dasgupta made a big deal about advani being a defining moment in the politics of our country.
it was done be creating chaos,terror and fear in countless minds all over india,some of these minds will never recover from the imprint of those days of dislocation and doubt.
when one realises the complexity of our nation,the realisation that there is no alternative to a one party rule of the INC will also come in.
this cartoon describes the defects that creep in at times into the INC.
the one thing that would cure politics all over the world would be to allow only two continuous terms and a second chance after a gap of two terms,whoever be it.
a great leader will manage to get back to the posts he has relinquished.
a different perspective would do a lot of good to any leader.
rahul gandhi has initiated the processes which might awaken the congress into a reinvention.
just like edward kennedy,rahul gandhi will be the gandhi that achieved the most,at the end of the day.
the thing that needs to be instilled into our people is about the dignity of labour and a distaste for ostentation and the inclination to look at some others as being below or above ourselves on the talent scale.
looking at the LDP in japan,it seems that the challenger,the DPJ, has decided to rock the peaceful journey of the LDF boat through the years.
but,the real challenge,will come up after gaining power,when the momentum wont be achieved easily which was achieved during the elections.
ultimately,it would probably not be worth the effort.the better bet would be to rouse the party from within.
this was what jaswant singh probably wanted to do,if the bjp was a true political party,without connections to savarkar,it would have been an interesting time.

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