Wednesday, August 26, 2009

leaders and lankans

two world leaders died of cancer today,
edward kennedy aged 77 and abdul aziz al hakim aged 59.
while ted kennedy had brain cancer,al-hakim had lung cancer.
cancer could be a way of nature for culling the population.
when leaders get it,it is emotional and sudden,as happened with anna.
sun news was showing that 20 lakh people were hospitalised in the united states for swine flu.
the west surely leads in all kinds of diseases,though tehelka had a coment about 800 people dying of tuberculosis daily in india.
the sad story of the sri lankans continued to break to the world.
the hindu must have noticed that there are reports about outsiders,including opposition parliamentarians,being denied access to the camps housing civilians being screened.
a srilankan high commissioner said on bbcworld that the tamils are history,he actually meant that the tamil tigers are history,and corrected himself immediately.
the simple question was asked by the news presenter about whether if there had been transparency and access to the outside world,such questions might not have become the beginning of the unravelling.
an israeli minister,unashamedly,has spoken that their people cannot be suffocated,so,they will continue with the settlements.
such behaviour will be noticed in the future from the lankans.
as the news keeps coming out,the emotions start rising.
and then,the reactions will be termed as terrorism.
the only difference,which is the fundamental difference,is that the so called terrorism has supposedly been vanquished in ceylon.
now,the issue of eelam can be discussed and the nation of eelam can be born.

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