Wednesday, July 22, 2009


an intractable war is going on in afghanistan with the taliban fighting the west.
an ultra orthodox islamic state is what is being fought for by the taliban,that is to bring a state into existence where the orders of god are fulfilled.whoever thinks that the orders of god can be interpreted differently must be killed,according to the taliban.if it is some people who follow a different version of the orders of god,then,they too can be killed,but possibly more brutally.
a people do not need sophisticated education to work out the fact that if there is a god which demands that the some people who do not kow tow to his prescribed ways be meted out punishment by his core following,then that god probably has no control over such some people.
humans in their quest for safety and security twist everything that was given by god in good faith into their own petty careers.the taliban are convinced that the strict enforcement of their version of islam is what is best for their might be the best way for the country but if it is so,then it must easily be possible to take that information to all the people of the country.god never would have ordained that some of his creations would have to be killed by their peers on the journey to implement his wishes.communism with a religious background might be a reasonable possibility.if brute violence is the only way to bring about a perfect world according to the wishes of god,it is an acceptance that humans cannot strive for a perfect society without being herded around like can man aspire to a perfect existence and a perfect world if he is not capable of reasoning about what is right and what is wrong and has to be constantly reminded of the aspirations by striking fear into a man nothing better than a horse that he has to be shut down from other influences which might affect,uplift or corrupt him.that could be interpreted as an admission that man is a dumb creature that god created which has to be controlled by fear of severe punishment.the west can be said to be morally ahead in this fight because it is not strictly and compulsorily enforcing a decadent lifestyle whereas the taliban wants to strictly and compulsorily enforce an ultra orthodox lifestyle.
the convictions of a few and their quest to realise it result in trouble for the most.such a conviction that there is only one way and that it has to be achieved at any cost may have evolved from a search for identity and a sense of purpose.if the identity is at risk of being subsumed or lost as was the case with iran and now with eelam,such convictions come to be shared by the the case of the taliban and the islamists in pakistan,there is no danger to identity and there is lots of purpose at hand which is why the few are getting madder by the day in their desperation and are losing their basic idea of what god gave down to them.the ultimate indefensible players in this scenario are the so called islamists in kashmir who might be still working in some project to execute bombings in india.
there was some talk earlier this year that the west was beginning to come around to the view that they had to talk to the taliban,this could have been tried earlier.but,human equations dictate that there has to be an engagement before one or both sides come around to see reason.
is there a religion that stops a country or a people from feeling weak when going for the middle and reasonable way.not many countries have the option of behaving with common sense as not many religions give them that kind of strength.
iran was a fine example of a decent approach.
our prime minister was constantly attacked as being weak because we did things with common sense by our own so called religionists.

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