Monday, June 22, 2009

the stupid generation

the 60s were called the love generation,
the 00s could be called the stupid generation,
these kids have no idea about politics,but believe that they need to go out and demonstrate.
the so called advancement in peoples lives as a result of capitalism has led people into stupidity.
marriage is frowned upon and partying is an essential necessity,
once in a while,to overcome their guilt,they need to go out onto the streets and act out their purity.
this need can easily be manipulated.
lifes all about screaming and exclaiming loudly and excitedly.
there is a lot of talk about poverty and having to bring people out of it,
if this is what they have to be led into,who benefits is the brand and lifestyle peddlers,and the electronic media.
what any country needs is the delivery of government services without corruption,there is absolutely no need to be talking about growth and changing and bringing down governments.
what is actually happening is,for the electronic media,by the electronic media and of the electronic media.
the whole talk about privatising essential services will one day be talked about as the joke of the earth.
the electronic media can use one stupid guy and his statements to try to fan a revolution.
all in the name of furthering democracy,yet really for furthering more affluent salaries and lifestyles.
the advertising industry is an allied industry,the seemingly harsh statements of kamal hasans anbe sivam about the advertising industry are better understood in these times of recession.
hero hondas new ad for cd deluxe falls into the category of using this stupidity for self interest.
going by this article,the you tube videos and bloggers activism reveals a sorry state of affairs.


Balvinder Singh said...

Yes delivery of services, govt or otherwise, without corruption and without delay. Well written.

samurai said...

hi balvinder,
its great to get a compliment from you.
after 26/11,there was a great commotion created by the media,if there is some track of how many soldiers have sacrificed their lives since then and how those soldiers are being remembered,it is the need of the moment,not in the electronic media,but on the ground,without the hype.

Shagufta said...

Keep writing.... where are you?... Long time no write. I like the way you have something to say on all issues. And marvel at your well informed global knowledge. Keep going!

samurai said...

hi shagufta,
ive been travelling all around,the monsoons been low key over here,but mumbai never misses out.does mumbai need the rains or is it unwelcome.

Shagufta said...

Mumbai's rocking with rains! And sure we need it. The weather is more pleasant this year than ever even while not raining!