Sunday, July 26, 2009

n ram

the founder president of the mahinda rajapakse adulation society might have started to feel a little uncomfortable by now.
one of his leading lights has spoken something different.
the lankans are now also getting a little uncomfortable.
the bogey of terrorism has been taken out by the sacrifice of the supreme leader.
the hard questions will be asked in the coming days and n ram will be needing to make a dramatic shift like the lk advani interview in the midst of the n deal debate.that over dramatisation and build up of THE HINDU fell flat on its face,though.
this time,having seen out his zeal to portray the eelam army as something inimical to some lofty standards,the same lofty standards require a similar zeal to reveal the truth about rajapakse,the idiot who thinks he is smart by holding 300,000 people for screening.the idiot and his cohorts were given good p r by n ram and his grand interviews.
it is time n ram undertakes a visit to the island and gives an account of the 300,000 peoples tribulations.
the lofty standards of journalism will receive further respect only if n ram realises that the sheen is starting to wear off now.
is n ram a propagandist for mahinda rajapakse?
accusations made in public will return to haunt and stick,badly.
the respect for the stand he took and the way he stood it out might have been appreciated by the eelam chief himself,is not going to last one day,if he does not realise that there is a lot of genuine grievance out here.
but,what is important now is whether n ram is consistent or whether he wants to cling to the post of the founder president of the mahinda rajapakse adulation society.
if building institutions and peace requires that some journalists can live with people being screened en masse,those journalists will fall in esteem,however high they might have perched themselves.
all the good work of the past will be undone.

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