Saturday, June 20, 2009

apathy to anarchy

the iranian protests are almost a mirror image of youth all over the world who think politics is not cool enough to talk about,then start feeling and acting aggrieved at some point.
it is as if protesting and striking is cool but participating is not.
the artificial lifestyles created by ultra capitalism give them a chimera of an alternate existence which is exploited by brands which create such products.the same media which thrives on such people can also be used by the capitalist regimes to tweak some things here and there which hopefully will start an avalanche.
the west has revealed itself to be a parody of the lofty ideas it professes to pursue.
all the west wants is markets,in the pursuit of which,it has convinced itself that it is some great striver for some great utopia.
the speech of the iranian leader was a classic in which the fact of iran being the standard bearer of human rights was enunciated to a world wide audience.
the subramanian swamys of our country who receive airtime to express their falsehood are being tolerated here which is an extraordinary achievement of our politics.
this article has an insiders account but theres no mention about the better parts of having a religious democracy,the cribbing is about not getting to wear sleeveless shirts.

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