Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the real and the wasteful

sections of society including the youth have started to feel a need to begin connecting with the political processes and have started preparing to vote.
the choice will be an easy one and it is also the only choice.
the Indian National Congress is the political party in our country,the organisation that is the fifth pillar after the constitution,parliament,judiciary and executive.
the people have to start enrolling as members of political parties,single constituency parties or various others set up on the basis of a mobilisation strategy.this strategy is used by a personality with ambitions which are sometimes fulfilled.
beyond a point,these ambitions cannot sustain themselves and these organisations fade away from the scene.
such alternatives crop up from time to time ,mostly in the regional arena.
these other choices would also have been viable due to the inactivity of the people in not interacting with the fifth pillar of our society,the INC and instead seeking out alternatives with a sense of adventure,a sense of imagination that this new arrival will somehow be a fast track to some far away utopia,or that this new entrant will achieve some thing which is ulterior and fulfills some selfish fantasy.
such detours will be explored for a while and then the realisation dawns that the only adventure that is to be had here is wholly artificial and least productive.
an ideology that has been set out should form a basis for any decision to think of voting for a new player,the move away from the natural should be evaluated and weighed carefully before it is made.
ultimately,it will turn out to be not worth the effort.
the effort,if it ever will have any fruit,must be after exploring the processes of the Indian National Congress and being engaged with the decision processes.

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