Thursday, April 16, 2009

Congress sweep in the South

Most of the pollsters might have got it wrong in Tamilnadu and Karnataka.
In Tamilnadu, it is tough to think about anyone who might want to vote for the AIADMK led front.
The people of Karnataka would also be aware of the need to have MPs who go on to be a part of the cabinet.

The level of information penetration which has been ongoing since 1984 is at a stage where the people realise that Dr Manmohan Singh is the only choice for Prime Minister for the country to move forward. Money power might win the day for the BJP in some backward areas.

In Tamilnadu the people are politically aware and would have followed the events in the Supreme court enacted by Subramanian Swamy. There are not many persons in Tamilnadu who can or might ever be feeling a sense of not having a say in the politics of the day.
Who ever will go against stability and go for empowering Jayalalithaa on the national stage. There might be a few who would imagine that the AIADMK and the INC would get together. Everything points to a 40-0 sweep for the DPA in Tamilnadu.

In Andhra and Kerala, the congress is all set to sweep the parliamentary polls.

The South, as always, is going to contribute to the bulk of the congress seats.

The INC might get upto 110 seats in the south alone.

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