Sunday, March 1, 2009


narendra'all star' modi has not talked to the people yet whether the son of a soldier can follow in his fathers footsteps,whether a son of a businessman could follow in his fathers footsteps,whether the son of a farmer should follow the profession of his father and so on.
the all star big mouth image that he has developed is a return to the old days of feudalism where one person knows everything and actually pretends that that is true.
the congress and our country have been served honourably by the gandhi family through the years.
the fractiousness that would otherwise have been an everyday phenomenon has not affected the progress that we have made.
the all star big mouth modi is not qualified to talk on any other issue and campaign for the bharatiya jhootiya party.
the institutions that are built patiently over decades with the complete involvement of all sections of society is sought
to be equated with a one person system,where instead of evolving mechanisms of refinement of the democratic process over the years,one all star big mouth pretends to be helping democracy by developing an image and using that image to win elections.
there is also a hint of chandrababu naidus times in the situation in gujarat where all star big mouth modi is the toast of the so called corporate classes.
will a criminal be pardoned his crime,if he has during the intervening period between the commission of the crime and the pronouncement of guilt managed to set up some activity which might serve the people in some manner.

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