Saturday, February 21, 2009

business of terrorism

the global community is not furthering the cause of security and stability in having designated the eelam armed forces as a terrorist organisation.
various groups around the world dealing in the business of terrorism would be now thinking along all the options that a conventional armed force uses.


Balvinder Singh said...

I think the terrorism has become the bread and butter of many organisations and even some nations around the world. This has to be arrested at this juncture only otherwise we are heading towards the mouth of a very dangerous monster.

samurai said...

hi balvinder,
the terrorist organisations have become the hitmen of governments and powerful vested interests.
someone has arranged the attack on the sri lankan players to push for some plan.
the situation on the worlds hands now is because of the implementation of the principle of might is right.
various groups are being portrayed as being too dangerous for the world order and this portrayal is being used to enforce the power of might.
aggression has to be committed before someone is a risk,not the mere presumption of an intent to change things.
when hitler revealed his aggression,the world had a war on its hands.