Wednesday, March 18, 2009

varun gandhi

the first thing that struck me on seeing varun the gandhi explain things today was that he had spent some quality time with swapan dasgupta.
the rabidity quotient was a clue to the meeting and the mentoring of minds.
the rabidity quotient when it is at levels as seen on tv now and before,allows a level of desperate foolishness which comes forth in stating that these are not ashamed to identify themselves as hindus,
what rubbish ,like digvijay singh said.
varun has probably hopelessly allowed feelings of having been deprived of his legacy to get entangled in the clutches of the camp that has never heard of a word called 'honourable'.
his mother might be perennially sulking in having to have to go the hard way and claim the mantle of her husband.
those feelings are not going to help varun to climb the political ladder and will end up in him being used for such guinea pig experiments.
the extremely clever and extremely small at the same time minds that are behind this episode are in their last pangs before being cast into the garbage bin.

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