Friday, February 20, 2009

yenge brahmanan

cho ramasamy is peddling manusmriti without a hint of shame on jaya tv.
subramanian swamy is at the heart of the clashes between the lawyers and the police.
there was a lot of comment about a fringe element within the lawyer community.
what all commentators have to realise is that no tamil is feeling good that the ltte has lost territory.
there is anguish in everyones minds as there was anguish when rajiv gandhi was assasinated.

the heart of the issue is that after all,the ltte could be condemned for its acts,but,it is not now.
the people are demonstrating that they know when to act and how to act.
the real loony fringe s core consists of subramanian swamy and cho ramasamy.
this is the fringe that acts provocatively and twists the democratic acts of the people in choosing and changing governments to suit its twisted agenda.
subramanian swamy is an insult to human decency and courtesy.
the fringe element is acting as if it is a part of the wise counsel.
his actions are a black chapter in the history of politics in the state of tamilnadu.
instead of bringing more disrepute to their community,swamy and ramaswamy have to realise that the golden era of the brahmanans is over,no one is preventing the practice of their religion except themselves,by their desperate acts of becoming champions of a lost cause and getting hatred into peoples minds.
jayalalithaa is yet not getting bracketed within this fringe element as she can explain away her actions as being political in nature.
but she has a lot of explaining to do,and a lot of learning about how to practice democracy.
she would do herself a favour by reading the autobiography of kalaignar.


Anonymous said...

I dont think Cho is encashing more on the sentiments of people than Karunanidhi is. In my opinion, Karuna is perhaps one of the worst things that could have ever happened with Tamil Nadu. He and his barbaric family have completely ensured that the wealth and power of Tamil Nadu rests in their hands. If he so hates the concept of divide per caste, does he ever have the shame or the guts to admit that he has played on the same sentiments just to win votes rather than do good for the people? I think we can certainly live with a Cho, but a venemous snake like Karuna is what we have to beware of!

samurai said...

i cannot fathom what makes u talk about barbaric,people are involved at every level of an organisation,success is determined by the level of involvement of people.
you need to give yourself a big shrug.