Wednesday, February 11, 2009

are we programmed to self destruct

the animal instinct within us has begun to get activated more often than before.
the urge to descend into violence in the company of safe numbers is rearing itself all over the world.
there is no way that compromise is going to be possible in such scenarios.
the dominating mindscape is one of fear and extreme urgency.
in the west,more and more cases of weird and extreme sexual crimes,especially in belgium austria etc reveal that the alternate scenario of lack of action sends us spiralling in another direction.
from the actions of the americans to those of the mns ,the so called sri ram sene in mangalore,the so called sangh parivar,the convictions of the sri lankan government,the nonchalance of the israeli government and the lunacy of the al qaeda and to the actions of the subramanian swamys,the cho ramasamys and the naxalites ,it is clear that each group of people is convinced that it has the special descent or the special something that sanctions killings,abusings and the propaganda of hatred.
the uttar pradesh assembly witnessed the enactment of such a scene when the sp members touched the feet of their leader as if he was seated in some private durbar.
has enough happened all over the world for the violence to slowly start subsiding or is it all going to get further inflamed.

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