Thursday, February 5, 2009

tamilnadu agitations for eelam

at present,the agitationists in tamilnadu have damaged the struggle at the very beginning by getting entangled in politics,which is the worst possible thing,when confronted by the magnitude of the tragedy and the crisis.
the ltte is banned in india and that is that.there is no point in imagining that the state govt did not do enough.
if the state govt had resigned,the upa govt would have fallen with elections earlier than april may,possibly.
that would have caused all sorts of coalition pandemonium,with the aiadmk having no compunction in allying with the congress,as it has adopted a strident anti tigers approach,like the congress.
that would be a like minded alliance,with regard to the sri lankan crisis.
an aiadmk govt represents all that is distasteful in modern democracy,like the thoughts and acts of subramanian swamy,cho ramasamy.
the dravidian movements progress would have again ground to a halt.
a dmk govt that is uncomfortable with strident support of the tigers would have been probably replaced by an aiadmk govt which is stridently opposed to the ltte,or there would be a hung assembly.
even if the dmk had romped back to power,the effort would have been meaningless.
the dpa govt resigning would have had no impact whatsoever on the sri lankan govt.

the agitationists have to think about influencing the european japanese and the american govts towards the realisation,that the ltte,with all its sins,is seen by the people of tamilnadu as representing the tamils of sri lanka.
the ltte,would also have probably learnt a lot,from the present scenario,of not receiving unqualified support in its hour of need.
the agitations have to be directed towards activism at the embassies of the donor countries demanding a revokal of the ban on the ltte.
in hindsight,such an agitation should have been done,as soon as the ban was announced.

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