Wednesday, February 4, 2009

sam daniel

the ndtv reporter from chennai had assembled three luminaries to educate the people of the country at large about what they felt strongly about.
i have not come across anything else which bordered on idiocy as much as this really serious interview.
the three luminaries are and were prime examples of a total detachment from the issues of the people and the country.
all three might be running businesses and employing people which made them feel that they were at a stratosphere like elevation from the conflicts which have been agitating and anguishing the people.
THESE POLITICAL PARTIES was another term to be seen in this shameful interview where all the particular luminaries had to do was to have observed a break in their business for the day in view of the anger among the people.
wanting to go against the public mood and then expressing fear is stupidity of the most humorous variety.
meenakshi mahadevan of cnn ibn was also lamenting the irresponsible behaviour of THESE POLITICAL PARTIES,cnn ibn also felt that chennai had snubbed the bandh.
the news channels have got no sense of news and seem to be serving no purpose other than fattening themselves.
if a guy like sam daniel whos been around for a while can make such a comedy of an interview,the others and their eagerness are bound to be plumbing the depths of tragi comedy.
it looks more like a tarantino movie.

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