Tuesday, February 3, 2009


after watching the deaths of civilians through military action,the international community wants to now slowly kill civilians through democratic rule.
these strangulations will be enacted under a charade of a democracy.
the eelam independence movement had put forward the suggestion of the ISGA.
if the eelam independence movement had refused to participate in further talks,it was upto the international community to realise that one of the parties was insistent on not compromising.
why this was then used to rob all legitimacy of one of the parties with which the international community had participated in negotiations is the question that needs to be answered.
the international community seems to be still under the influence of WITH US OR AGAINST US.
all the countries which have placed the eelam independence movement under a ban have aided the sri lankan state in its systematic annihilation of the civilian population.
if they are solidly behind the eelam independence movement,they can be killed.
Bravo,international community!

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