Thursday, February 5, 2009

rama and his monkeys

just who were described as monkeys or vanaras will be a subject for eager discussion among the sri ram sene.
there were civilisations in ayodhya and in ceylon.
right in between was this vanara race which was a few notches below in the evolutionary race.
that being so,yet,this vanara race possessed persons among them who had bridge building techniques among their skills.
what happens to these tribes/races further on in time is something that needs to be explained.
did such tribes exist in other areas of the world?
does the sri ram sene subscribe to this kind of a superior species/inferior species and do they continue to do the work of the superior species.
one other doubt that surfaces is whether the vanaras were inhabiting the whole of the area till the coast ie rameswaram.
the chief of the vanaras was a devotee of shiva as was the chief of the asuras.
this suggests that there was a common feature among the two groups.
the sri ram sene has to attempt to answer all these questions.

an explanation has been attempted by nanditha krishna in the new indian express.
if it is just a case of a totem(emblem) of that race,then one has to question why hanuman vaali and others are represented as monkeys.

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