Tuesday, February 3, 2009


when the eelam independence movement walked out of the geneva talks,it was indicating that it would not settle for anything short of a separate state.

the international community has blood on its hands now,as it took umbrage at the geneva walkout and threw its full weight behind one party,the sri lankan state.

the perceived terrorism of the eelam independence movement and the splinter organisations which had allied with the other side had led the international community into the crime of allowing civilians to be killed.

what is clear is that eelam is another cuba which has to stand up on its own against the might of the international community.

if the cubans had the support of the soviets,the eelam citizens have the support of the people of tamil nadu.

there are some elements which turn this support into a political slug fest by trying and turning the anguish of the people towards the DMK and the INC.

this attempt will ultimately result in the eelam cause not receiving the undivided attention that it needs of the people of tamilnadu.

if portals like tamil net are aiding this tactic of politicising the process,it is a profound mistake.

what the people of tamilnadu have to do immediately is to signal to the international community that it is responsible for the deaths of civilians in the thousands.

a brutal war is never going to justify whatever political or economic goals that the international community has.

the interlocutor was not able to live up to its obligations and the interlocutor had to be changed,instead the international community threw up its hands in feigned frustration.

the people of tamilnadu and all other activists and organisations have to steer clear of targeting the governments in tamilnadu and at the centre if they want to achieve any real movement on the ground.

portals like tamil net have to realise that they they are doing their cause no good by engaging in politics.

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