Wednesday, December 3, 2008

sleeper cells

what seems sure is that the terrorist organisations have sleeper cells in most,if not all,major cities.
which are activated,as and when their strategy requires a shift of location.
the way forward will be to evolve a strategy to get these people to have a change of mind by launching a programme which gets them to secretly contact the authorities and supply information,they could be offered a reconstruction and rehabilitation programme.
The mobile numbers of a few prominent and respected lawyers should be publicised in the media with ads asking for any members of the sleeper cells to restart their lives.
there have to be other steps alongside,like looking at the srikrishna commission report and getting it into the courts.
all cases relating to the riots in gujarat should be handed over to the CBI.
the cases involving abhinav bharat should also be handed over to the CBI.

the bjp can be expected to co operate as it has always maintained that what happened was an uncontrollable reaction to the godhra can get its name cleared.
the number of people killed in the riots should be confirmed once again,and all the cases should be proceeded by the CBI.
gujarat remains the scar that is preventing the normal existence of the country.
alongwith these actions,the placing of cameras in all public places and a requirement of all house owners to submit a voter id photocopy,a photograph if not available ,and biodata of their tenants must be made compulsory,for all stratas of society,must be ensured.

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