Wednesday, December 3, 2008

from wikipedia,acts of terrorism.




july 5 -ayodhya.

july 28-jaunpur.

october 29-delhi.

december 28-bangalore.


march 7-varanasi.

july 11-mumbai.

september 8-malegaon(muslim cemetry)


february 19-samjhauta.

may 18-hyderabad(mecca masjid).

august 25-hyderabad.

october 14-ludhiana.

november 23-uttar pradesh.


may 13 -jaipur.

july 25-bangalore.

july 26-ahmedabad.

september 13-delhi.

september 27-delhi.

november 26-mumbai.


these are excluding the incidents in assam,j and k,and those by the naxalites.

one trend that might be made out is that the incidents are more in the second half of the year and more in the year when elections could have been due but there were none in 2004 an election year.

are we going to get a breather or is there going to be a stepping up.

if one looks at the incidents in 2003 and before,these trends might be confirmed.


august 25-mumbai.


january 22-kolkata.

may 13-jaunpur.

september 25-akshardham.


december 13-parliament.-------------in j and k-oct 1-assemblyattack,


january 6 -delhi.

march 21-mumbai.

june 19-red fort.


december 24-hijack ic 814.

In kashmir---------2004--------------april 8-april20-april25-april28-may9-may21-june12-june25-july2-july4-july20-july26-august26-october24-november17.

In 2008,there have been blasts in panvel,navi mumbai,thane,malegaon and modasa which have been attributed to hindu fundamentalism.

in the election year of 2004,there were a spate of attacks in kashmir.

in the election year of 08-09,there have been a spate of attacks in the major cities but none in kashmir,there have been no major attacks in j and k since 2004.

in 1999,there was one major incident,ic 814 hijack,

in 2000,there was one major incident-red fort,

in 2001 there was one major incident-parliament,

in 2002,there was one major incident-akshardham,

in 2003,there was one major incident-mumbai,

in 2004-none,focus shifts to kashmir.

in 2005-there was one major incident-delhi,

in 2006-there was one major incident-mumbai,

two major attacks in 2007-samjhauta,hyderabad.

three major attacks in 2008-jaipur,ahmedabad,mumbai.

the final conclusion might be that from 1999-2003,the target was to attack places of symbolism-plane hijacking,red fort,assembly,temple,parliament,zaveri bazar,gateway of India.

from 2004-2008,it is all about creating terror and getting higher casualties.

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