Thursday, December 4, 2008

conspiracy theories from pakistan

what if someone in India pays the l-e-t to execute attacks over here?

say an amount of a 1000 crores,

who has that kind of money,

the l-e-t has the manpower ready and available,people suffering from poverty and motivated using religion.

why would anyone do such an act.

some reports from pakistan have talked about the mumbai attacks being an operation of the indian intelligence establishment.

the terrorism in kashmir has also been spoken of in terms of some groups benefiting from it materially.

our movies have shown such scenarios of anti national elements acting in collusion with outside forces.

who benefits from a war and who loses out in peace,

this question might hold some answers,if this is all not a crazy conjecture.

this scenario might lead to conclusions like the cia paying al qaeda to execute 9/11.

it is a crazy world.

robert ludlums books were all about this kind of a world.

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