Thursday, December 4, 2008

shock and awe

the terrorists have smelt success ,in the form of the reactions of the people,and will be planning to pull out all the stops,bring out all resources and destabilise the political establishment further.
if there is a terror attack on december 6 or before the year ends,one can be sure that the media will spring to action and start telecasting the views of all the citizens of the land,one at a time.
the trend has been set,abnormality has been allowed to set in,the media using the crisis to question the very fundamentals,to disparage everything that has gone before,to portray total chaos.
the citizens have behaved as if they are going through absolutely hopeless and miserable lives,as if they have never known of any kind of system,as if it is a situation where different warlords and clans have parceled out the country among themselves and are engaged in the worst fighting possible,as if we are at the very end of our existence as a country.
the appetite of the terrorist organisations has been whetted.
it is totally possible that another shock and awe episode of bigger proportions is headed our way.
how will the media and the educated classes behave this time around,that will determine the future.
the descent into a disruption was initiated by the media and it has influenced the people in a big way.
the enemy forces have detected it.
the malignant virus of the media has begun to spread itself.
the tool has turned itself into the weapon.
it cannot be a getting back to the old circus of commenting on politics.
at the most vital moment in the life of the country,the circus was continued and the waters were muddied.
the preparedness for the reactions to the next attack has to be begun immediately.
we cannot allow it to take us by surprise.


! ky said...

hey dude the indian origin title cant be seen.
so change the color or remove the image.

Shagufta said...

Dinesh, Its amazing how you write. We need people like you in the media. In fact, I am also surprised how people are reacting. There are mails and smses for enabling Army and President's Rule and putting all politicians down and not voting at all! This is absurd, yaar. This is what our enemies want, anyways! Disruption of normalcy

samurai said...

hi venkatesh,
you have nt reviewed vaaranam aayiram yet.

hi shagufta,
see this bloggers post from the time of the attacks till now,i came across his blog from shobhaa des blog.
this is another article which alsocriticises karkare and salaskar for travelling in the same vehicle but with other important viewpoints.

what is needed is a citizens movement which says it out loud that we are not going to be shocked or surprised when ever the next attack occurs.
we should ask the question to the terrorists
'kyon haar gaye aap'.
'why did you lose'
should be the banner.rather than enough is enough.
hum jee rahe hain,kyon haar gaye aap.
that should be asked to the terrorists from every public space and forum.