Friday, December 5, 2008

what is politics

has been demonstrated in the last two days in maharashtra.
it means that people sit,talk,negotiate,bargain.
various groups and their voices,opinions,requirements are fulfilled.
compromises are made and bargains are struck.
some might revolt and go their own way,
some will wait for another chance.
politics does not mean instant fixing and readymade solutions.
this has been the way through the ages.

why did jahangir blind his own son,khusrau,who was offered refuge by guru arjun dev,the fifth sikh guru.
the guru was executed by jahangir for that act.
it is politics and nothing to do with religion.

aurangzeb was more religiously inclined than jahangir,who was addicted to drinking.
aurangzeb enforced the jaziya tax,as he wanted more people to adopt islam.
that did not stop him from conferring land grants to the someshwar nath mahadev temple in allahabad,the shiva temple in banaras and the umanand temple in gauhati.
alliances needed to be made and renewed.
this is what happens in a civilised society.
reasonableness is the hall mark of a civilised society,maintaining respect for the laws is at the heart of civilised societies.
it is not a weakness if a society functions in such a manner,it shows that the society has attained the highest forms of evolution.
it is not to be seen in a totalitarian society.
dialogue is the evidence that a society is stable.
all of this is misrepresented by the hindu fundamentalists and the islamic fundamentalists.
the hindu type feels that he has to avenge something and the islamic type feels that he will be able to bring back the past rule.
both are ignorant of the tradition of dialogue and respect for law which lay at the heart of the indian civilisation.

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