Thursday, December 4, 2008

Abnormal Situation

An abnormal situation has existed in the country for more than a decade now as we have one political party,the bjp, never ever behaving normally.
The heart and the core of the bjps existence is based on the spreading of falsehood and misinformation.
this core fact has to be recognized immediately and confronted by the nation if we are to proceed on the way ahead.
the elected government will deal with the situation as it sees fit.
the bjps followers are always involved in identifying someone or the other as anti national and always attributing sinister motives to the government.
they are always spreading propaganda about how this person is a christian and therefore involved with the vatican,how that person is involved with an islamic conspiracy,how the dravidian movement is anti hindu etc.
it is not a normal existence.
the bjp s politics is not a normal politics.
if we are to continue as a country in the present form and under the present constitution,the bjp has to be exorcised or to use a milder term,reformed.
The bjp has resumed its activities today after lying low for one week.

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