Friday, December 19, 2008


he s decided to go the whole hog and talk the issues out.

ive got no idea what he spoke in erode but it can be along the lines of the ipkf s role in sri lanka.

rajiv gandhi was an exceptional leader who energised the nation with his enthusiasm and ideas,a scintillating personality of the last century.

he broke the old order and its conservatism just like indira gandhi did in 1969.

the old order got back by way of vishwanath pratap singh,another exceptional leader.

the tragedy of india is that these two great men fell out with each other,both were men of destiny,but one was taken to the top in extreme and sudden circumstances.

we would have been somewhere else if they had continued to work together.

rajiv gandhi lost his life as he took up the post of prime minister of a country of a billion people.

the risks are tremendous and every situation is unprecedented and unique.

decisions need to be taken,taking the view of the establishment.

decisions are wrong in hindsight.

there is no reason why rajiv gandhis name should be dragged into the present situation in sri lanka.

the people of tamil nadu are not dishonouring rajiv gandhi if they are supporting the ltte in the vicious war being waged in sri lanka.

the congress has the political compulsion to be against the ltte.

there are ways to do it in a way that is dignified and reaches out well.

if there are groups out there who are giving a divisive tilt to the present scenario by vilifying the memory of rajiv gandhi,they need proper counselling by the political leadership of all parties.

people like l ganesan,who spoke in a channel about simon alias seemaan are utilising things for their petty ends.

the congress need not get excited against a film director who probably will have a sensibility,going by the movies he has made.

making him an easy target for the sake of publicity is lowering the prestige of a national party.

things need to be talked about and if the ipkf was a mistake,seemaan has the freedom of expression to talk it out.

at the end of the day,i dont know what seeman spoke and this might just be a minor episode in the politics of tamilnadu.

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