Friday, December 19, 2008

hes got to go

this line is being heard often,
after hes had to go,theres back slapping.
that s our democracy,urban indian style.
urban indians are paragons of virtue and accomplishment who have no need to have respect for a leader,
whos a leader?
someone whos a part of reality news tv and who we wait to fail and watch fall,with we are a democracy.
what do we give for his experience?
something not in tune with our mood,we ll start screaming, hes gotto go.
the badder the fall,the better our democracy,the brighter the smiles and the smarter the smirks in the reality news tv.
we,the urban indians should consider the prospect of a fresh graduate being asked to take control of our companies and organisations.
experience does not matter to us.

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