Monday, December 22, 2008

member of parliament

if a member or members of parliament behave like they are not in possesion of any powers,what are the people to make of it.
the speaker said that the statement on the antulay issue will be made at 12 noon.
if that assurance was not kept up,the behaviour of a drunken mob,shouting down aimlessly,might have been acceptable.
why does a member,if he is not a part of the ruling party or alliance,behave as if he has been stripped of any kind of voice.
some communist members were seen screaming about insurance.
they presented a sight of a poor, dispossessed ,lost ,sad,languishing in the wastelands kind of people.
they did not look like distinguished members of parliament who have a say in the affairs of the country.
if these members cannot make use of the available avenues and opportunities with dignity,it means that they are more interested in jumping the gun and maligning the atmosphere,to hide their inability to work within the system and provide decent and honest opposition.
whatever a r antulay said was not something totally at odds with the way the world has been set up and is running.
it was at the wrong time,as the hindu s cartoon has harshly summed up.
to keep on making it out as a matter worth stalling parliament for a number of sessions is actually keeping the issue in the headlines,which is what the bjp is aiming at.
it seizes on such matters and keeps the pot boiling.
that is the method of the bjp.
the bjp might very well have turned into a respectable party if it had had the wisdom to do a decent job in parliament.

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